River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic - Location History

River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic

1615 Coon Rapids Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55433



River Rapids Pet Building

The history of the location of River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic 


The location of River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic has been an institution in the neighborhood of SW Coon Rapids for almost 30 years.  The clinic is located in the River Rapids Overlay District. 

In 1993, a group of veterinarians bought this location and designed the building for emergency pet care.  It has an efficient layout which allows all pet patients to be heard and observed at all times. The building and veterinary practice are now locally owned by Dr. Jennifer Hale and her family, who live in the North Metro.

After many years of serving the community as an after-hours only hospital, it is now a general practice hospital and clinic. Dr. Hale can help your pet with a wide variety of needs, including preventive care, illness, injury, surgery and dentistry.