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River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic

1615 Coon Rapids Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55433



Welcome to River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic!

Trusted Primary & Urgent Veterinary Care in Coon Rapids, Minnesota

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Our Services

Skip a visit to the pet emergency room - we can cover the majority of urgent and sick cases, including vomiting, diarrhea, lacerations, and swallowing foreign objects.

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At River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic we understand that oral pain greatly affects the quality of life for your pet and that pets are very good at hiding this pain from us. We can help your pet live a more comfortable life by making sure the mouth is free from pain and infection.

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River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic's state-of-the-art surgical suite enables us to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures ranging from spays and neuters to complex soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.

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Diligent preventive care is the #1 investment you can make in your pet’s long-term health and quality of life. Includes puppies & kitten exams, annual wellness, vaccines, and more.

Welcome to River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic. We are a full-service animal hospital providing excellence in veterinary care to not only Anoka County, but all of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Our veterinarians offer a wide variety of medical, surgical and dental services in our veterinary clinic to provide the care your pet needs at every stage of life. 

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Same-Day Appointments

River Rapids Pet Hospital + Clinic provides in-person, same-day appointments. Depending on the need and time of day you call, we’ll schedule an appointment for you that day.